Terlipressin acetate


GLYPRESSIN (terlipressin) is indicated for the treatment of bleeding oesophageal varices and in some countries for the treatment of hepato-renal syndrome type 1.

GLYPRESSIN is administered to patients by the healthcare professional giving an injection directly into a vein.



Any irregularity in a woman's menstrual cycle such as abnormally short or long duration, light flow, heavy flow, presence of pain or even absence of a menstrual period. It is usually caused by hormonal imbalance but long term irregularities may also be caused by uterus fibroids, endometriosis or other problems related to the female reproductive organs.

PENTASA is prescribed to treat the mild to moderate symptoms of active IBD as well as being used widely as maintenance therapy to reduce the risk of recurrent attacks.

PENTASA is available orally as tablets and granules (sachets) within Europe and the rest of the world, excluding the USA. In the USA, Shire US, Inc. sells PENTASA under a trademark license from Ferring. Topical formulations (suppositories and enemas) are also available for administration via the rectum, allowing a high concentration of the drug to be in contact with areas of inflammation at the lower end of the digestive tract.

Oral PENTASA has a prolonged-release formulation, helping to ensure release of active mesalazine throughout the entire length of the intestine from the duodenum to the rectum. Topical PENTASA formulations (enemas and suppositories) enable active mesalazine to remain in contact with the inflamed mucosa for several hours.

Sodium picosulfate, Magnesium oxide, Citric acid


PICOPREP® (sodium picosulphate, magnesium oxide, citric acid) is indicated to clean the bowel prior to X-ray examination or endoscopy, to clean the bowel prior to surgery when judged clinically necessary. PICOPREP® has approved dosing for children as of 1 year old and adults.

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